Spectators Return – All you need to Know

Club Statement – Return of spectators

Spectators WILL be able to return on Tuesday 25th August against City Of Liverpool.

We are aware other clubs have been selling tickets online however we have decided to sell tickets upon arrival. We strongly advise you bring the correct amount of cash to prevent any unnecessary handling of money. We will NOT accept card payments.

Upon arrival you MUST bring your contact details on a slip of paper for track and trace (name and phone number). This will be collected on the turnstile with your admission fee.

Admission fees are below:

Adult – £5
Concessions – £3
U16’s – £1

At the moment, 150 paying spectators are allowed to visit Syncreon Arena (rising to 300 on 30th August). Unfortunately, once our maximum capacity is reached any other arrivals will be refused entry. We recommend, to prevent any disappointment of being refused entry that you turn up as early as possible.

We will release our COVID-19 risk assessment, today. We are looking forward to welcoming you all back and ensure your return is COVID-19 safe.